Williams Partners L.P. Sets Delivery Record

Williams Partners L.P. Sets Delivery Record

Much of the United States was under a deep freeze at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. Record-low temperatures were seen across the country, forcing many homeowners to use more natural gas to heat their homes. One natural gas company took advantage of the cold temperatures and helped keep their customers warm. Williams Partners L.P. announced that it had delivered more gas than ever before on its Transco interstate gas pipeline.


Who Is Williams Partners L.P?


Williams Partners are members of the oil and gas pipeline industry, owning and operating US energy infrastructure. Their main goal is to connect hydrocarbon resource plays to emerging natural gas and liquid markets. They are well-established in the oil and gas pipeline industry, having operations that span much of the United States. They also hold strategic assets in• The deep-water Gulf of Mexico

• The Pacific Northwest
• The Rockies
• The Eastern Seaboard


The Transco Pipeline


The Transco pipeline is owned by Williams. Stretching over 10,000 miles from New York City to South Texas, the pipeline provides natural gas to much of the east coast. The line is responsible for moving gas to 12 states and serves major metropolitan areas in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Gas is moved through the line thanks to 51 compressor stations.

The Transco pipeline is the largest-volume natural gas transmission system in the United States. The line features a system peak design capacity of 14.7 dekatherms per day and seasonal storage of 199 dekatherms.


Record-Setting Delivery


According to Pipeline News, on January 5, 2018, Williams delivered a record amount of gas along the Transco Pipeline. On that day, they delivered 15.58 million dekatherms (MMDt). This broke a record that was set only a few days prior, on January 1. Recipients included power generators, gas distribution companies, and various other customers.

Not only did the company establish a single-day delivery record, but they also established a market area delivery record over a given three-day span. Between January 4 and January 6, the Transco pipeline averaged gas delivery of 14.90 MMdt.

Williams says that the record-setting deliveries were only possible because of additional firm transportation capacity that was created in 2017. These expansion projects were fully-contracted, taking place at the following locations:

• Gulf Trace
• Dalton
• Hillabee Phase 1
• New York Bay
• Virginia Southside II

In total, these projects allowed the Transco pipeline 2.8 MMdt more firm transportation. Chief executive officer of Williams Partners’ general partner Alan Armstrong indicated that the expansion project increased Transco’s design capacity by over 25%.

Armstrong also said that natural gas serves as the heat source for over half of the homes in the United States, which is why the project was important in allowing the company to meet customers’ demand needs. Meeting customer needs is about keeping customers safe during frigid conditions.

Transco has already broken ground on two additional projects, Garden State Phase II and Atlantic Sunrise. These projects are expected to delivery 1.9 MMdt in additional pipeline capacity by the end of 2018.