Submar’s Systems Can Maximize Retention Facilities’ Efficiency

Submar’s Systems Can Maximize Retention Facilities’ Efficiency

Storms have been growing in intensity over the last few years, with which comes heavy rains andfloods. Flooding tends to cause the most problems for big cities, especially when that flooding is two-directional. Recently, groups have been investing money in search of efficient flooding solutions.


Redesigning Retention


Facilities An increase in storms has created the need for fresh, new approaches to maintenance. Ingenuity and design are what’s needed to conquer this problem. Cities are tasked with finding a way to keep their citizens and infrastructure safe while still cutting costs. What cities need to realize, however, is that investments are required for this to work. The only way to find a sustainable solution is by putting money into engineering, research, and design.


Submar Solutions


Submar, Inc., is a company well known throughout the industry. They specialize in pipeline exposure and pipeline erosion control, which can be beneficial in many ways. Submar’s erosion control systems have been proven effective when directing water into retention facilities. The Submar mat is an articulating concrete revetment mat and one of the best methods to ensure protection of pipelines vulnerable to erosion.

Submar mats can be placed virtually anywhere and slow the flow of water so that it can be directed where needed. The mats are cost-effective and begin paying dividends as soon as they’re installed. Submar mats make up an interlocking grid system, allowing crews to install as many mats as needed for the job at hand.

This can be especially beneficial for those looking for water management but working on a tight budget. Many clients start with a few Submar mats to see how they work before retaining Submar to manage ongoing concerns about pipeline exposure challenges