Submar Mats Can Keep You in Business

Submar Mats Can Keep You in Business

The saying “time is money” arguably holds true for the oil and gas pipeline industry. Whenever apipeline is down, everyone down to the consumer suffers the consequences. Unfortunately, too few in our industry recognize that investing in preventative maintenance measures is more efficient than shutting down a line for repairs. If the oil and gas pipeline industry leaders embraced tools like Submar mats on every project, they would enjoy significant cost savings from a reliable and long-lasting solution.


Gas Prices on the Rise


Forecasters have predicted that there will be a strong domestic demand for gas this summer, which could send prices skyrocketing. Although there are numerous contributing factors, one of the biggest reasons is the fact that some Gulf Coast refineries are going offline this spring. These refineries all must complete maintenance that had been deferred for months, mainly because of hurricanes that ravaged the United States in the fall of 2017.

Unfortunately, if preventative measures had been taken, much of this maintenance could have been avoided. Because they can no longer delay the maintenance, these refineries will miss out on a critical business period, and American consumers will suffer as a result.


Why Use Submar Mats?


Submar mats help customers maintain the integrity of your refinery roads and drainage. As a result, they end up preventing frequent maintenance downtime. Ideally, Submar mats would be placed over exposed pipelines. Doing so would create a lightweight blanket that protects the lines. The mats allow for vegetative growth, so over time, the barrier surrounding the line would grow thicker and stronger.

Once installed, Submar mats stay in place and naturally integrate with the water bottom, providing a sturdy base and also eliminating water turbidity that typically accompanies pipeline lowering. As a result, you’ll end up reducing the impact you have on the oyster industry.