Submar’s Systems Can Maximize Retention Facilities’ Efficiency
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Storms have been growing in intensity over the last few

Submar Mats Can Keep You in Business
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The saying “time is money” arguably holds true for the

Submar Revetment Mats Are Proudly Made In the United States
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Submar, manufacturers of Submar articulating concrete revetment mats, is

Submar Mats and Best Management Practices
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A Submar project should not be considered complete until the

  • How Do Pipeline Companies Stay Ahead of Environmental Concerns?

    The concern for the number of animals listed as endangered, threatened, or a special grows year after year. Much of the land that pipelines run through contains wildlife that need special protection. Responsible pipeline companies do everything they can to protect the wildlife population. The Trans-Alaska Pipeline system, or TAPS, runs through […]

  • From Mapping to Engineering, Submar Has You Covered

    Topographical Surveying and Mapping  Submar can provide topographical surveying services via a site assessment survey that will assist us in engineering design. Our surveying equipment consists of RTK GPS, robotic total stations, and unmanned aerial vehicles (a.k.a. drones) that collect the project site data. After the data is collected, […]

  • Skilled Laborer – Mississippi

    Skilled Laborer – Mississippi Job Description The construction Skilled Laborer is responsible for performing intensive physical construction labor duties for construction of civil and erosion control projects Submar, Inc., undertakes nation-wide. Other responsibilities include but are not limited to: Preparing construction sites for […]

  • Lawyers Expect Feds to Approve Contested Texas Pipeline Within Days

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is expected to give Houston-based pipeline giant Kinder Morgan the go-ahead to clear land for a hotly contested natural gas line through the Texas Hill Country within the next two days, attorneys for the company and the federal government said Wednesday. A lawyer for Kinder Morgan said during the hearing that the […]

  • Court Victory for Disputed Trans Mountain Pipeline Project

    Construction on the pipeline expansion began in December. Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal has dismissed a challenge to a controversial pipeline expansion, a victory for the beleaguered project. The court says the federal government held “adequate and meaningful” consultations with indigenous peoples, as required by law. Some […]

  • 3 Ways Oil and Gas Will Support the Transition to Clean Energy

    Most people agree with the need to transition to cleaner energy sources, but even among those who agree, there is a vast range of voices and opinions on the matter. The change to clean energy will not happen overnight, and it will be built on the back of the existing oil and gas industry. Here are a few ways that will happen. Cleaner Burning Fuel […]

  • 3 Pipeline Innovations You Need to Know About

    From finding new ways to safeguard the integrity of pipelines and reduce their environmental footprint to getting the best value for their resources, pipeline companies continue to make their mark innovating as part of their commitment to continuous improvement. Here are some ways pipeline companies are monitoring for safety and efficacy. High […]

  • Duke Gas Pipeline Put on Pause by Judge

    After years of controversy and struggle, a judge has put construction of the Duke natural gas pipeline project on pause. The plan to build the pipeline between Golf Manor and Sycamore Township was approved in November. Although approved in November, an administrative law judge ordered Duke Energy’s pipeline project to be placed on hold until […]

  • Protecting Pipelines in the Winter

    Spring is around the corner, and it can change work conditions on your pipeline work site. Temporary erosion and sediment control measures installed during frozen conditions may not remain functional under thaw conditions. This means you may need a few more measures in place for snowmelt and extra rain during the warmer months. When choosing ways […]

  • Submar’s Articulated Concrete Revetment Mats Help Fight Bank Migration

    If you are constructing a pipeline near a river, a stream, or what used to be a waterway, bank migration is an issue. Rivers are dynamic features of the landscape; the riverbed and bank are in constant motion. Removing the natural covering of vegetation can drastically accelerate bank migration. Submar can help to prevent further erosion and […]




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Welcome to The Pipeline Monitor. The Pipeline Monitor serves over 1,394,000 oil and gas professionals, follows more than 220,000 industry

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The saying “time is money” arguably holds true for the oil and gas pipeline industry. Whenever apipeline is down, everyone

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Submar, manufacturers of Submar articulating concrete revetment mats, is proud to be American owned and operated. Nothing is more representative

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A Submar project should not be considered complete until the solutions team implements Best Management Practices (BMPs). The group of

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Erosion issues can be especially troublesome for those working on a pipeline project. Pipeline exposure that is unaccounted for could