Submar’s Systems Can Maximize Retention Facilities’ Efficiency
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Storms have been growing in intensity over the last few

Submar Mats Can Keep You in Business
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The saying “time is money” arguably holds true for the

Submar Revetment Mats Are Proudly Made In the United States
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Submar, manufacturers of Submar articulating concrete revetment mats, is

Submar Mats and Best Management Practices
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A Submar project should not be considered complete until the

  • Sediment and Pipeline Erosion Control for Wetland Crossings

    When installing oil and gas pipelines, many companies have to run their pipeline through wetlands. One of the most significant challenges they face is sediment and pipeline erosion control for wetland crossings. Companies could consider taking tips seen in the Erosion and Sediment Control Plan from the Pennsylvania Pipeline Project.   The Importance of Preparing For Erosion Control   When installing a pipeline, it is inevitable that erosion will occur. Many oil and gas pipeline […]

  • Pipeline Erosion Control: Submar Case Study

    When it comes to erosion control, articulated concrete revetment mats can reduce the risk of runoff. A perfect example of this is seen on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway. As an article from The Courier, dated September 25, 2003, and titled, “Matting Services Common Locally, Help Protect Wetlands,” indicates, Submar mats were laid along the Intracoastal Waterway as part of a Texas state initiative to help prevent soil erosion.   The Purpose Behind Submar Mats   Articulated […]

  • Introducing “Armadune”

    Over the past three decades, Submar has been the leader in the pipeline erosion control industry helping many companies working with oil and gas pipelines with their pipeline exposures and streambank stabilization concerns. One of the ways Submar has helped companies is with its onshore and offshore articulated concrete revetment mats. Submar recently introduced a new product set to revolutionize the pipeline erosion control industry. Intorducing Armadune wind mats. Armadune helps companies who […]

  • Understanding Pipeline Erosion Control: The Submar Lexicon

    If you are installing an oil or gas pipeline, pipeline erosion control should be a priority to protect your assets. Waiting until major erosion occurs due to flooding, heavy rain events, or natural disasters like hurricanes can result in exposed pipelines that are susceptible to damage. “Pipeline erosion control” is the job Submar, the leader in this industry for the past three decades, is called on to perform most frequently.   What Is Pipeline Erosion Control? Continue […]

  • Submar Mats: The Story Behind the Industry-Leading Articulated Concrete Revetment Mats

    Submar has long been a leader in pipeline erosion control. The company has continuously been on the forefront of innovation, designing new products that help assist those in the oil and gas pipeline industry with onshore and offshore pipeline exposure remediation. One of the products Submar is most well-known for is the Submar Mat, an articulated concrete revetment mattress. The Submar Story Submar has provided articulated concrete mats to the offshore oil and gas market since its inception […]

  • The Importance of Water Protection on the Job Site

    Stormwater runoff can negatively impact waterways if construction companies do not implement Best Management Practices (BMPs). Submar leaves a job site only after fully complying with construction site stormwater runoff control.   Pipeline Innovations   Pipelines are typically coated to prevent them from incurring any damage. These sophisticated outer coatings may also do well in helping to prevent corrosion while also providing abrasion protection. Proper stormwater management […]

  • The Effects of Erosion on Our Ecosystems

    Maintaining habitats is crucial to protecting native wildlife. Submar’s articulating concrete revetment mats allow vegetation and increase biodiversity while protecting oil and gas assets. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the coastlines of the United States lose one to four feet every year because of erosion. This also translates into economic costs and the loss of habitats in our ecosystem.   The Cause of Erosion   Urban development is one of the […]

  • Protecting Pipelines and Avoiding Interference

    While you may think that corrosion is one of the biggest risks that marine pipelines face, anchor and net damage actually account for more risk in deeper waters, and vessel collisions account for still more in shallower areas. There is no sensor technology currently available to help find where pipelines are at a distance. Even with satellite-based technology, there is still no guaranteed method to detect and avoid pipelines in time to prevent causing any catastrophic damage to the pipelines or […]

  • OSHA Standards and Guidelines for the Oil and Pipeline Industry

    In the oil and gas pipeline industry, there is nothing more important than ensuring the safety of the products, equipment, and employees. Submar’s philosophy is simple: if a job cannot be done safely, it should not be done at all.   Oil and Gas Industry Guidelines for OSHA   OSHA standards have been set in place to ensure that you have been provided with a safe workplace that contains no recognized hazards that could potentially cause any harm or even death to employees. […]

  • What to Expect with Silt Fencing

    For several decades, silt fences have controlled surface erosion and sediment in streams. Submar often uses these during construction to allow water to flow without moving sediment.   The Impact of Soil Erosion   Soil erosion has been a significant issue for years and can cause higher rates of runoff, loss of newly planted crops, and deposits of silt in lower areas. Due to these significant and negative impacts, soil erosion measuring and prevention techniques have been created. […]




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The saying “time is money” arguably holds true for the oil and gas pipeline industry. Whenever apipeline is down, everyone

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Submar, manufacturers of Submar articulating concrete revetment mats, is proud to be American owned and operated. Nothing is more representative

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A Submar project should not be considered complete until the solutions team implements Best Management Practices (BMPs). The group of

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Erosion issues can be especially troublesome for those working on a pipeline project. Pipeline exposure that is unaccounted for could


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