Submar’s Systems Can Maximize Retention Facilities’ Efficiency
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Storms have been growing in intensity over the last few

Submar Mats Can Keep You in Business
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The saying “time is money” arguably holds true for the

Submar Revetment Mats Are Proudly Made In the United States
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Submar, manufacturers of Submar articulating concrete revetment mats, is

Submar Mats and Best Management Practices
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A Submar project should not be considered complete until the

  • How to Prevent a Dangerous Situation

    The U.S. has over 2.5 million miles of pipelines crisscrossing the country. As existing lines grow older, critics warn that the risk of accidents could increase. Many pipelines transport petroleum products and natural gas; some pipelines transport other hazardous products such as chemicals, highly volatile liquids, anhydrous ammonia, or carbon […]

  • 4 Ways the Pipeline Industry is Building the Future

    Pipelines may seem like an old-fashioned way to transport oil and gas, but nothing could be further from reality. While America’s pipeline systems have been in use since the 1920s, the technology and policies in the industry are constantly changing and growing to fit the times. Here are 4 ways the pipeline industry is building the future. […]

  • New York Pipeline Blockage May Be Causing Higher Energy Rates

    President Trump told thousands of workers about the strength of the economy and the new investments energy companies are making in the United States. However, at one point he turned his attention to the failings of his home state — New York — in energy and other areas. “From 2010 to 2017, natural gas production plummeted by […]

  • The Dangers of Landslides and How to Protect Your Pipelines

    Landslides are a constant threat to many pipeline sites. Landslides, mudflows, earth slumps, rockfalls, and other types of slope failures threaten job sites in many terrains, not just hills or mountains. They can be fast or slow, wet or dry, small or large, shallow or deep, and reactivated or new. Because of the long, linear nature of pipeline […]

  • Subsea Pipelines are a Safe Haven for Marine Life

    A study has noted that subsea pipelines in northwest Australia provide safe havens for commercially-important fish. The research project carried out by The University of Western Australia on a BHP subsea oil and gas pipeline off the northwest coast of Australia has found the pipeline has two to three times more the commercial value of fish than […]

  • Diesel is in Demand

    The International Maritime Organization has new rules on fuel emissions that will come into effect in 2020. Those rules will put diesel in high demand. The new emission rules stipulate that only vessels using fuels with a sulfur content of 0.5 percent or less will be allowed to roam the oceans. That strategy is aimed at cutting total carbon […]

  • Cactus Oil Pipeline to Begin Partial Operation Next Week

    Plains All American’s Cactus II pipeline that will carry crude oil from the Permian Basin to Corpus Christi in Texas will begin partial commercial operations next week, the company’s chief executive stated during the company’s second-quarter financial results, as quoted by Reuters. Cactus II has a nameplate capacity of 670,000 […]

  • New Oil and Gas Pipelines Will Solve Permian Bottlenecks: Easing the Permian Problem

    Oil production in the Permian Basin has surged from less than 1 million barrels per day in 2009 to over 3.5 million barrels per day by the fall of 2018. Production in the Permian basin, the biggest oil-producing region in the United States, has created a bottleneck of sorts for operators trying to bring the crude oil from the basin to the Gulf of […]

  • How Satellite Technology is Helping to Keep Pipelines Safe

    Increased competition and the rising regulations from the government have driven many of the technological improvements in the pipeline industry in recent years. Ageing pipeline systems are incurring higher operating costs to meet the rigid safety standards. Recent decades have shown a significant drop in pipeline accidents, such as oil spills or […]

  • EPIC Pipeline Set to Start U.S. Gulf Coast Oil Exports Soon

    EPIC Midstream Holdings, the company set up to build and operate crude oil and natural gas liquids pipelines from the Permian Basin to the U.S. Gulf Coast, will start actual exports of crude product from its terminal in Corpus Christi by the end of 2019, EPIC Midstream’s President Brian Freed told Reuters in an interview. EPIC Midstream said […]




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Welcome to The Pipeline Monitor. The Pipeline Monitor serves over 1,394,000 oil and gas professionals, follows more than 220,000 industry

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The saying “time is money” arguably holds true for the oil and gas pipeline industry. Whenever apipeline is down, everyone

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Submar, manufacturers of Submar articulating concrete revetment mats, is proud to be American owned and operated. Nothing is more representative

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A Submar project should not be considered complete until the solutions team implements Best Management Practices (BMPs). The group of

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Erosion issues can be especially troublesome for those working on a pipeline project. Pipeline exposure that is unaccounted for could