Submar’s Systems Can Maximize Retention Facilities’ Efficiency
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Storms have been growing in intensity over the last few

Submar Mats Can Keep You in Business
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The saying “time is money” arguably holds true for the

Submar Revetment Mats Are Proudly Made In the United States
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Submar, manufacturers of Submar articulating concrete revetment mats, is

Submar Mats and Best Management Practices
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A Submar project should not be considered complete until the

  • Halliburton, Honeywell Develop Open-Architecture Software

    Halliburton and Honeywell announced a collaboration to maximize asset potential, reduce execution risk, and lower the total cost of ownership for oil and gas operators. The collaboration will leverage Halliburton Landmark’s DecisionSpace 365 E&P cloud applications and Honeywell Forge, a powerful industrial analytics software solution, to […]

  • President Trump Eases Methane Monitoring Rules

    The Trump administration is abandoning Obama administration curbs on methane leaks from oil and gas wells. Methane is the chief component of natural gas, making it a valuable energy source and commodity. Yet it is also a climate menace—a powerful heat-trapping pollutant estimated to be roughly 80 times more powerful than carbon dioxide at […]

  • North Carolina Denies Key Permit for MVP Southgate Gas Pipeline

    North Carolina environmental officials have denied a key permit that would allow a proposed natural gas pipeline to be built along the Triad’s eastern border. In a letter that was posted online by N.C. Policy Watch on Tuesday, the director of N.C. Division of Water Resources said the division has determined that the proposed MVP Southgate […]

  • Wyoming Oil and Gas Project Approved, Could Generate $375M a Year

    The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) said that they have “approved the development of up to 4,250 oil and gas wells for the Moneta Divide Project.” “The project, proposed by Aethon Energy Management and Burlington Resources Oil and Gas Company LP, is expected to recover approximately 18.16 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 254 million […]

  • Native Plants Are Important Factors in Fighting Erosion

    Barren soil cover is no way to maintain a healthy pipeline slope. Erosion greatly increases with exposed soil. Trees, shrubs, and groundcovers can maintain slopes and reduce erosion from surface water, shallow groundwater and, to some extent, coastal processes. Types of Vegetation That Work Best The short answer is the native plants of the region. […]

  • Duke Energy Takes Quarterly Loss

    Duke Energy lost $817 million in the second quarter as it wrote off $2 billion in costs related to the shutdown of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline project. That was down from a profit of $820 million in the same period a year ago. The company also cut $170 million in expenses to adjust to reduced energy demand amid the coronavirus pandemic. That came […]

  • Work Starts on Final Part of Russia-China Gas Pipeline

    The third and final section of the pipeline will connect to Russia’s Power of Siberia 1 (PoS1) gas pipeline project. The third, southern section starts at Yongqing in Hebei and crosses Shandong and Jiangsu provinces before ending in Shanghai. The June 2025 target date roughly coincides with when supplies through PoS1 are expected to reach […]

  • Skilled Laborer – Tennessee/Kentucky

    Skilled Laborer Job Description The construction Skilled Laborer is responsible for performing intensive physical construction labor duties for construction of civil and erosion control projects Submar, Inc., undertakes nation-wide. Other responsibilities include but are not limited to: Preparing construction sites for installation of erosion […]

  • Pipeline Doubts Put Bakken Shale Reboot on Hold

    North Dakota oil producers face new pressures to delay bringing back more of their recently curbed output after a U.S. court ruling this month put in jeopardy the pipeline that transports most of the region’s oil, executives and analysts said. Oil producers in the Bakken, the second largest U.S. shale field, cut May output by about 500,000 […]

  • Shell Reports $18B Loss as Global Oil and Gas Prices Collapse

    Royal Dutch Shell has reported a deep financial loss after a record write-down on the value of its oil and gas assets due to the collapse in global market prices triggered by coronavirus. The Anglo-Dutch oil giant revealed a net loss of $18.3bn (£14.1bn) for the second quarter of 2020, down sharply from a net profit of $3bn over the same period […]




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The saying “time is money” arguably holds true for the oil and gas pipeline industry. Whenever apipeline is down, everyone

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Submar, manufacturers of Submar articulating concrete revetment mats, is proud to be American owned and operated. Nothing is more representative

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A Submar project should not be considered complete until the solutions team implements Best Management Practices (BMPs). The group of

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Erosion issues can be especially troublesome for those working on a pipeline project. Pipeline exposure that is unaccounted for could